Bc. Kateřina Jindrová Zítková

  • registered midwife with foreign experiences
  • private prenatal and postnatal courses, massages for pregnant women
  • realization of an educational program for adolescents in primary schools
  • singing courses for pregnant women, for mothers and babies and singing lessons for kids within School of Modern Singing

I graduated bachelor study of Midwifery at College "Vysoká škola zdravotnická, o.p.s." in Prague and before that I studied at nursing school (high school) in Carlsbad.
I have personal experience with following hospitals: Carlsbad Regional Hospital, General Faculty Hospital in Prague - Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (Apolinář) - mainly practice in the delivery room, postpartum and neonatal departments, Faculty Hospital in Motol - department of Obstetrics and also two maternity centres in Prague.

After college I worked as a midwife in delivery room in ÚPMD hospital in Prague and then I got the offer for a job in a private medical company in Prague where I still work with English speaking clients and VIP clients, and among other things I am in charge of prenatal care in this company.

I am interested in the issue of midwifery in other states, particularly in the USA where I lived for a while. My focus is in the area of ​​prenatal care, births, habits and differences in obstetrics in comparison with different countries. I am also interested in maternal age and social status of pregnant women and mothers. During my stay abroad, I created my opinion and view on prenatal care and I reflect my own experiences into my midwifery practice.